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1. Hold the end of the neck piece to pull blanket sleeve onto which ever arm you prefer, & the neck piece around the back of your neck & over the opposite shoulder.
2 & 3. Place blanket extension over shoulder that does not contain the sleeve. 
4. Hold your baby with its head placed on your sleeved arm.
5 & 6. You now may use blanket extension to wrap your baby & simply place blanket extension back over shoulder to unwrap your baby. Sit down to wrap and
unwrap your baby.
Nursing, Carrier, & Carseat Cover
1. Grab the neck piece & blanket extension to make a 'V'.
2. Tie a knot, making the opening as big or as small as you wish.
3. Simply place the opening over your head to wear as a nursing & carrier cover, or simply stretch over carseat as a carseat cover.