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The material that was used along with the colour selections just made the blanket not only useful but also stylish.

My baby girl is 5-months-old and has to be rocked to sleep no matter where we are. As a bonus she loves to be nursed and rocked to sleep. With this product I am able to do both. I have used the Rocking Blanket not just at home but even at the hospital when my son had to get x-rays done and my husband was at work. I was able to nurse my baby right in the hallway.

Also, not that this Rocking Blanket was meant to be worn as a scarf, BUT my daughter spit up all over me at my in laws. Of course, I didn’t bring an extra shirt but I was able to use the Rocking Blanket as a scarf to cover up the mark on my shirt. This only made me fall more in love with the product.

I cannot wait for the spring/summer weather to arrive to be able to use this blanket more. It is so versatile, soft and, most of all useful. Which I find a lot of baby’s products tend to just sit in your closet and not be used. I would recommend this product to anyone with a baby.

Elyse Murray

My past few weeks of trying out the rocking blanket, has been something of pure enjoyment. As a first time mom to a now 4 month old baby girl. I have found it to have a lot of little key helpful points and usages. I have liked to use the sleeve part so my daughters head has something to rest against other then my skin 1, for stickiness to my skin and 2, to help with her head if she becomes slightly sweaty, as we live in a high rise with no control on heating. So for summer as well it will be perfect. The convenient little mouth wiper has been so amazing, no need to be looking around in a state of emergency.

But my favourite part is the easy transfer to placing her in crib. We all know a sleeping baby is important, so gently placing her down with out needing to roll blanket out makes for better transfer to crib without waking her.

You can tell a mother has put inconveniences she had into one great mom tool for the rest of us, I would recommend or even purchase as baby shower gifts in future to my friends

Ginette Simoneau


We received our Rocking Blanket just in time for our first vacation with our 9 month old baby boy. I decided that I was going to bring it with me through the airport, and on the plane, to give it a good test.

The Rocking Blanket did not disappoint. This blanket was a great option to keep baby snuggled up and warm on our flights, since the plane tended to get cold. It was much easier to carry along the Rocking Blanket, rather than bring a big, bulky blanket. When baby woke up, it was very easy to unwrap him, and we were not left tangled in a sea of blanket. It was comfortable for me to wear, too.

The Rocking Blanket was also great for nursing in the busy airport, since it kept us both covered, without overheating.  

We did not use the Rocking Blanket as a car seat cover, but did use it to cover the carrier while baby was sleeping. It easily kept him from being distracted by all the sights and sounds in the airport.

I do wish that the removable spit up cloth was a bit thicker though, since the spit up tended to absorb through the cloth and onto the blanket.  

Overall, I would recommend the Rocking Blanket as a great option for someone looking for a multi-purpose baby blanket, since it takes several different items, and combines them into one, easy to use blanket

Marissa Arnold 


I received my, “Rocking Blanket” by mail, it arrived in a timely manner. When I opened the package and pulled out my “Rocking Blanket" my initial thought was, this is very soft and the color is beautiful followed by, oh my, not another wrap to get myself tangled in! I was very pleased to find a video on rockingblanket.com, and after watching it I quickly realized how easy it was going to be to put the “Rocking Blanket” to use. I was also very surprised to see how many different ways I could utilize the “Rocking Blanket.” 

My little loves to be rocked to sleep all snuggled up in a blanket, she could easily sleep the day away in my arms but, the second I put her down she wakes. I believe this is in part due to having to readjust her so much to get the blanket out from around her. The “Rocking Blanket" very much helps to ease my baby from my arms and into the crib. I don’t have to fumble around to get the “Rocking Blanket" off of my baby and my baby doesn’t startle. The transition from my arms to the crib has become much easier and much more successful. 

I used the, Rocking Blanket while I fed, as my baby has become very easily distracted she also sweats like a football player. I appreciated the arm attachment on the Rocking Blanket it helped to soak up her head sweat, it is also made out of a very breathable material. I love the idea of the removable fabric that can act as a wipe if baby spits up a bit. It is very handy, and because it is removable I can just wash that part in the sink, hang to dry and it is good to be used again in no time. 

I tried out the, “Rocking Blanket” as a car seat cover, and it worked perfectly. The material is stretchy, breathable but it keeps the light out very nicely. The way you tie it you can pull it right over and the wind will definitely not be able to blow it around. 

I have really enjoyed the “Rocking Blanket" thus far and I know it will continue to be of great use for a long time to come. I would highly recommend the “Rocking Blanket” to anyone who is expecting as well as anyone who has just had a baby, Happy Rocking!

Crystal Jardine


The Rocking Blanket is a really neat product for new moms. It is designed to help moms, and dads with putting down baby with ease once the baby has fallen asleep. 

This wearable blanket is very soft and easy to wrap baby up in. It also includes a spit-up cloth for wiping babies mouth, which I found very useful. The Rocking Blanket can also be used as a car seat cover, and a nursing cover. 

I used this blanket at night to rock my baby during nighttime feedings. It was soft against her face and easy to wrap her up in. My baby sleeps with a sleep sac on, so I did find that the extra layers of fabric around her made her a bit warm. 

I also used it as a nursing cover and a car seat cover. It was very easy to use as a nursing cover, and easily stayed in place. It was nice that there was also a lot of loose fabric as it kept my baby comfortable compared to other covers which wrap around the body and are made of stretchy fabric. As a car seat cover it worked, but I believe it is better suited for nursing and rocking. 

Some cons about the product were that I found it really hard to put on correctly the first few times, and the material was a bit thick for my baby when nursing under it. Overall it’s a really neat product to share at a baby shower with a new mom. 

Kate Ceci


When I first received my rocking blanket I'll admit I was slightly intimidated. There seems to be a lot if fabric and various folds and straps. However, shortly after reviewing the tutorial on the back of the packaging it was very clear  to see how the blanket worked and it was easy use. The fabric is very soft and lightweight so my daughter could cuddle right in and it wasn’t too hot for me rocking her since you do wear a portion of the blanket like a sleeve while rocking your baby. The blanket really does have it all, from a strap that can be used as a spit up cloth or to clip on a pacifier to the ability to be used as a nursing cover up, car seat cover, carrier cover, it will become your go to blanket at home and on the go. The fabric washes well and is thin enough that it folds up compact to take anywhere. I loved the size of the blanket as my daughter became quite curious while nursing in public so I didn’t have to worry about exposing myself when she wanted to move around. I think the most use I got however was as a carrier cover because of its size and stretch of the blanket. I’ve yet to master transferring my baby from the blanket to the crib using the blanket but I’m sure with a bit more practice I’ll become a pro.

Stefanie Knights


There is nothing like rocking a baby to sleep, nothing like the warm cuddle of a baby or toddler wrapped up in your arms. However, any mother will tell you attempting to put a sleeping baby down while unwrapping them from a blanket is a tricky maneuver. Thanks to the Rocking Blanket, you can now rock your baby to sleep, enjoy your cuddle and then put baby gently into the crib without waking the baby by never-ending blanket struggle.

Ava was not a cuddler, she was content being put in her crib.  She would soothe herself to sleep; no extra cuddles needed. Miss Zoe, bless her sweet little soul, needs constant touch. Further more, even during wakeful hours, she constantly needs to either hold hands, or sit on my knee. Zoe needs a good cuddle, however, it’s the same old story of putting a baby to sleep while wrapped in a blanket and then  attempting to put her down without a blanket.  The transfer would always wake her up! This is when I found the Rocking Blanket.

Even now at 19 months, she needs a good cuddle to fall asleep. I for one, am not ready to let go of our daily cuddles! She needs it almost as much as I do. I cherish these moments and drink them in, the fuels my heart, as much as coffee fuels my energy level!

We received the Lavender Rocking blanket, which is 100% polyester.  This makes for the best cuddles on the colder or rainy days. We all know here in Vancouver, we see our fair share of rainy days! Due to the warmer weather upon us, the Bamboo Black Rocking Blanket is a must-have on our list as it is 100% Bamboo Rayon.  These blankets are washable, made in Canada and insanely comfortable!

The Rocking Blanket is equip with a handful of amazing features! With every touch, it is clear this blanket was designed by a mom, with you and your babies best interest at heart!  Nicole is a dedicated mother and designer! I couldn’t be more proud to fully support Rocking Blanket. Nicole is passionate about providing moms and babies with the warmest and fondest of memories that you can possibly have. Those moments in your rocking chair, or comfy spot, with your baby wrapped up tight and held close, is there anything better?

With that being said, Nicole has graciously agreed to do a fun little giveaway for one lucky reader. In conclusion, the giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents!  The time we’ve spent snuggling with our rocking blanket has easily been some of our favourite cuddles.  Honestly, this blanket is to die for!




⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Alison S

Nicole's customer service is excellent:) The quality and softness of the material is incredible! It is such a comfortable blanket to wrap my little one in. Along with purchasing a brilliant and well- made product, it is a pleasure to support a Mom who is entrepreneurial and raising a family! A fantastic product and gift for any family.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Janessa B

This was our "go to blanket"! We started off using standard blankets and when we got the rocking blanket it was a real game changer. My husband and I would get so upset if we forgot the rocking blanket downstairs at night time, since our rooms are upstairs! We would take it everywhere, always had it packed in our diaper bag! Super comfortable for us and our daughter.
Recommend this for any new parent, you will find yourself using it at all times of the day. Thanks rocking blanket!!!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Chrissy B 

I had ordered this product for a friend of mine as the companies focus on infant safety & comfort really caught my attention. Anything to assist a new mom with making nap time hassle free is worth a try, and this product has also had some rave reviews by other new moms as well. The customer service I received was exceptional! Not only did they have the products I wanted on hand in stock but it was delivered to me in northern Manitoba quite quickly with time to spare well before my friends due date . The customer service rep was courteous and confirmation / invoice email was instant. 

As mentioned I ordered the Rocking Blanket for a friend so I haven't used it myself but I did take a look at it before gift wrapping and the material is incredibly soft! The stitches were errorless and the colour was gorgeous. 

Overall, I am very impressed with my experience thus far and will be sure to order another one. 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Janette S

We are HUGE fans of cuddles and this blanket made it so that I could cuddle to my hearts content and get my littlest to into her crib without waking her up! I only wish that I would have had it with my first born. Such good memories thanks to this blanket!